Law Firm Management System

A cloud-based legal practice management software solution that helps law firms manage day-to-day work flows and business operations within their law practice.

Law Firm Management System

Core Features

Case Management

Organizes and manages cases. This feature ensures every detail of every case is captured so you can access information anytime it's needed.

Client Management

A Customer Relationship Management feature that lets you manage all your clients and contacts, their billing cycle, and also other helpful information to ensure you never overlook a client interaction.

Legal Document Management

An indexed and searchable repository of all uploaded files that allows you to edit, store, and organize your legal documents securely. Files are tied to access levels to ensure confidentiality.

Appointment, Task & Calender

Book and track all your appointments, create projects, delegate tasks to team members, and keep track of all activities with our calendar system. This will help you stay ahead of deadlines and keep you connected to your cases and clients.

Why your firm needs a management software

  • Our management software helps you keep your firm organized, save time, and avoid administrative errors. Our system makes it easy to achieve task objectives and encourages you to work more efficiently.

  • Our Solution is designed to fit your firm's operations. It is a customizable software, meaning we can adjust it to your specifications and requirements. We offer you a Modern Web dashboard with a responsive user-centred design.

  • It comes with a desktop and a mobile version